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Life in the Advertising Industry.

The Killer Next Door by Joel Norris

By Mr. Eleven Something.

A Disturbing Book

A friend of mine borrowed me this book called The Killer Next Door by Joel Norris. It delves into some of the most notorious murder cases and talk about the killers behind it. The author had examined the cases through the perspective of the killer. What goes though his head as he kills the victim; The motive of his killings; Why he started killing; etc. It touches issues on Cannibalism, Rape, Mass Killing, Kidnapping and Torture.

While reading this book it got me thinking….why didn’t these crazy men get to Zakiah!!! Lol. See! That’s why this book is so DISTURBING. All this bad things happened to the WRONG people. Sheesh!

Guild Wars...Again!

By Mr. Eleven Something.


As you can see, I do not post as much anymore because of Guild Wars! (Woo!!). Today I just bought another installment, Guild Wars: Prophecy. Its actually the first in a serie of 3. The one i bought the other day was part 2. And the one i'm getting end of this week is part 3.

Amazing, amazing little game. It kindda feel like i'm playing Diablo all over again somehow. And I think Diablo rocks! So anything that feels like Diablo rocks too.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

I’m planning to get guild wars!!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I’m going to Low Yat at lunch time to gettit (if some disaster don’t come up lah)


7 Hour Radio Recording.

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Yesterday we recorded a few Radio ads for our client. 3 scripts per language and there are 3 languages. Meaning there’s 9 scripts to record in total. It was the longest Radio recording I’ve ever attended! Starts out at 4pm and it went on till 11pm. But I must say that the sound engineer is really good. He works fast and no complains when we wanted to make a couple of changes here and there.

The studio was very comfy and food was served. And the company was good too. All of us were cracking up and making stupid jokes. Time just flew by without us realizing. The only thing is, I hope the clients approve the finished product cause they didn’t attend the damn recording! If reject or kena make any changes then we have to re-mix or re-record the damn thing. Aiyoyo!!!

My Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 3

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Overall: 2/10

Short Story: Draggy & VERY thin plotline.

For this 3 hour crap, I might as well watch a Bollywood movie for all that matter! At least the plotline there is more interesting and they can sing and dance their way through the movie. O my god, this movie is really awful. Why even bother make a movie. Why not just Angelina Jolie the whole budget for this movie so she can feed those poor starving children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only reason I gave this movie a 2 and not 0 is because I though Kiera Knightly was hot.

Now seriously, don't waste your money watching this piece of shit but instead put your money into something better!


By Mr. Eleven Something.

I can hear the weekend angel singing! It’s been a content ad week for the whole of last week and this week. Gila man!!

Just yesterday when we though all the ads are out….suddenly another one fucking pop-up out thin air. As my ex-clients says it…"O’ MY GODSSSSS!".

Briefed at 2pm and material deadline the next day. Well somehow rather, with the help of a magical intern fairy called Joanne, we manage to pull through. She whipped out a very good visual that was approved immediately by the clients. They even say “GOOD JOB GUYS! WE REALLY LIKE IT!”. Woohoo!

So yea… It was a good closing to the content ad saga for this week. This weekend is gonna be MY TIME. I’m gonna hit the gym, go to movies, hang out with friends and wake up late! HAHA!

The Golden Child

By Mr. Eleven Something.

A few weeks back i was talking to my former colleague regarding my new job. I told him that everything is going great so far and I'm doing fine now. I'm handling a telco account right now and they are alot more busier than my former account. Bud they pay the agency VERY well too! (unlike some cheap shit former client. Harapkan nama je glamer!).

The funny thing about big account is that when it's busy, its REALLYY BUSY (which happend most of the time). All the Studio people will be working solely on our stuff and half of the creatives are developing something new for us. And the other people handling other accounts will start complaining that we are conquering everything. As i relate this to my former colleague, he passed a comment saying that our acct seem to be the golden child of the agency. Which I thought was pretty damn cool! Most of our jobs are urgent stuff so our work will automatically overwrite other smaller jobs. I dunno, i just find this evilly fun in a twisted way.

On the side, i have to say having the nicest damn clients really help to put the heart attacks at bay when the workload gets heavy and rushes are high. So yea, this is cool for now.

My Review: SHREK 3

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Overall : 5/10

Don’t get me wrong this movie is not terrible or anything but it’s just mediocre to me. Storyline wise that is. The animation is good. But a movie SHOULD be about a good plot line and this film falls short of that.

The characters have potential but they weren’t expanded. Maybe I would favor this film more if I was 14 or 15 years old but the problem is I’m not. As my friend said it, it’s a movie full of one liners. It’s entertaining to watch with a friend for a good laugh but don’t expect too much. Hollywood movies these days are really lacking the one thing they should focus on and that is a good story to tell and not just a bunch of funny scenes stitch together into 1 movie regardless of its flow.

I don't know how they did it, but The Incredibles & Cars really had it on target. Shrek seem to have all the elements but the magic is not there somehow. Maybe it's just the Disney magic. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for good ol' fashion story telling.

By Mr. Eleven Something.

What do they all know. they got it all wrong. this is so unfair. they're playing our song...

Nobody gets too much heaven no more
Its much harder to come by
I'm waiting in line
Nobody gets too much love anymore
Its as high as a mountain
And harder to climb

The Aftermath

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Well its 2.30am and I'm finally home. I would say my expected disaster was under control and not so explosive thanks to a great boss and an excellent studio team. This would have been a huge meltdown if it weren't for them. Instead it was only a medium scale disaster. Got lots of things cleared off the plate so tomorrow is another adventure! Still love this acct. what can i say...

My Disaster Scale

No Disaster - Back at home by 9pm

Small - Back at home by 11pm

Medium - Back home by 2-3am

Huge Meltdown - Back home by 4pm the next day

(Old job) MOTHER MELTDOWN - Back home by 7pm but dealing with THE BASTARD ANJING everyday. haha. cant resist.