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Warhammer Online: Patch 1.1 expectations

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I just posted this topic today in our Warhammer Online guild, Celestial Order. Let's see what the guys think in the next few days.

"What are you guys expecting out out patch 1.1
And if patch 1.1 is a disappointment or a failure, do you think it would break the game and make people leave?? Dun dun dun!! (dramatic music)"

Warhammer Online: Game Imbalance

By Mr. Eleven Something.

OK. If anyone plays Destruction side, they know what I'm talking about. This is one BIG HUGE oversight from Mythic. The Bright Wizard Class from order is overpowerful thus making the class imbalance from the rest. Scenarios are not fun anymore at any tier with Bright Wizard running loose. People are leaving Warhammer Online because of this frustration in playing the game.

1. Another thing I notice in WAR is that Order Range trumps Melee anytime in the game. This is beause the range have everything to repell a melee but melee doesnt have anything to counter this. Even if they do, the skill given is so limited its almost pointless to counter the many knockbacks and snare.

2. Mythic wants to be different in giving super long range attacks for RDPS. And before any melee could possible reach a RDPS to attack, they are long dead or almost dead. Remember once melee finally made it through the ranks to reach an RDPS, they always have knockbacks.

Bottom Line: Warhammer classes are CRITICALLY imbalance at this moment. Bright wizard is especially overpowered. People are starting to leave the game out of pure frustration.