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It's been awhile

By Mr. Eleven Something.

It's been awhile since I last post up a blog. Lots of things have been happening...

First of all.. I GOT MY FANTASTIC IPOD RED (which i don't have a picture yet cause my camera rosak)!

Next, I just got back from a good break in Bangkok. Had a fantastic stay with my aunt who's living there. Huge apartment. Very beautiful. Very near to all the attraction bangkok has to offer.

Then, I'm trying this whole 'being good and spiritual', which i think made me a whole lot calmer. Don't get me wrong I still get mild stroke when i get short deadline but it beats getting a full on heart attack. It also help me deal with life generally. A good change of perspective i must say.

Then there is also the issue of weight management. I'm going to gear 5 on this. Took abit of break for Ramadan but now its back to work! Not that I'm obese or anything but in terms of priority... looking my best is right up there with family, career and money.