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By Mr. Eleven Something.

Mood: Beautiful Serenity

I don't know where this is but it's amazingly beautiful. I would like to go there one day...

Old People

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Some who are very close to me know that I'm driven by envy and jealousy. I get envious over the stupidest things. Like my cousin's new toy, or how intelligent some of my friends, how tall some people can be or how ridiculously good looking some people are. Yea...silly thing like that. On the plus side, i use this to drive me to work harder, endure more and basically try get better at things.

So anyways, I keep seeing these old people exercising or just taking their morning walks every time i go early to the office, around 7am ish. Every time I see them, i get so envious that it scares me. I imagine that these people must have lead a good life and made some right choices to be able to live in a good neighborhood and actually have the time in their older years to enjoy morning walks and look so tranquil. So care-free. ARRGH! i cant stand it. I want my life to be like that one day too. To take my own time doing thing that i like. Leave all the rushes behind. Leave all of the stress behind. To actually stand completely still and let the world pass you by. To be old and looking back at my life without remorse or much regret would be simply wonderful.

My Girl: Jenna Jameson

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I first saw her in action back when i was in std 5 i think. Well anyways I didn't know it was her at that time. I just know she was beautiful. So afew years later she went mainstream and became very big. And somehow along the way i thought she looks different. She just looks odd somehow.Then today, i found this picture of her at the beach. A candid shot. and i though to myself 'WOW' she IS beautiful. I mean really....she looks so happy.

Everquest 2: The Game

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I tell you, the downloader is designed to give you heart attack and seizures. After my last ranting when the downloader displayed 121++ hours to download I was so angry and disappointed that i went to bed early. And when i woke up, magically it was FINISH! OMG! so i had played abit before i left for work. The graphics is so beautiful. I really hope the content is good. I'm trying to find other Malaysians who play this game but they seem so rare. As soon as i finish blogging this, I'm gonna start playing more.

Silk Canvas: Joan Van Ark

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Before / After ....coulda woulda shoulda

Everquest 2: Trial download too slow!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

O my god the download speed for the trial is insane! At first the installer say its 2 more hours and now it says 114 more hours! ITS NO WONDER THEY GIVE 14 DAYS FREE TRIAL FOR EVERQUEST 2. THATS CAUSE ITS 13 DAYS OF DOWNLOADING AND 1 DAY OF ACTUAL PLAYING. OMG. I'M RANTING! THIS IS SO ANNOYING!!!!! AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN SAY HOW BIG IS THE WHOLE FILE.


Is there a website where I can actually right click and "save link as"??!!! This is insane!!!!!! SAKIT HATI AARRRGHHHHHHHHHH........!!!!

Everquest 2

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Why do I always do this to myself. I'm thinking of going into Everquest 2. Downloading the installer now so that i can try the 14-day free trial. Crap O crap. What am I getting myself into.

Mythos: Diablo 3 antidote?

By Mr. Eleven Something.

If anyone here had played and loved the Diablo & Diablo 2 series, then they know what i'm talking about. I've been waiting for YEARSSS for Diablo 3 to come out. I'm not kidding, it's been over 6 years since the release on Diablo 2. But like any hardcore fan, i will continue to wait because i know when it comes out, it will be MASSIVE and will blow all the competitions away. I'm estimating it will come out in 2010 but we'll see what comes of it.

Anyways, there's been talks about this new game coming out that might be the antidote for Diablo 3. Or maybe something to occupy our minds while the real thing comes out? There are only afew games that I sincerely hope will do well and this is one of them apart from Warhammer Online. If there's one way to describe the look and feel I get from this game, it would be...'Charming'.

More on Mythos @ Massively.com

My Girl: Alessandra

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Breathtakingly Beautiful.

Age of Conan in bad shape?

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I found this article on the net and it's abit worrisome. I hope isn't true but either way the developers should at least look into this problem. Below is from the post...

A poster to the boards at IGN has let loose with a lengthy list of problems in the current Beta build of Age of Conan. The beta, as he describes it, sounds like it's in pretty bad shape. Missing elements include:
  • PvP, including the much-vaunted border skirmishes.
  • The option to play as a female character.
  • Most of the zones; estimate for launch was at one point 35 and in the Beta they apparently have only 14 half-finished areas.
  • Most spells/abilities.
  • Any sort of working economy.
He also lambasts the current state of ranged combat, the AI mobs offer, performance, the choice of mounts, and a large number of invisible walls in the game, keeping players away from content. His assessment isn't completely negative: the spot-on melee combat we got to see at CES is apparently as good as it seems.

This is, of course, a rumor as of right now. This is either a beta tester breaking the NDA (and thus is already not to be trusted), or someone out-and-out lying. It's still enough to give you pause. Given the unexpected death of Gods and Heroes last year, the possibility that there are so many problems with the game so close to launch ... We'll attempt to get a comment from the folks at Funcom as soon as possible.

[Via Common Sense Gamer]

A Picture

By Mr. Eleven Something.

McCann Erickson Christmas Party 07'. Almost half of the people in this picture have resigned. It's always sad to see people leave. It's a tough industry to be in.

Another Movement

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Well well well the meeting with our new 'Client P' went well! I think they like all the TVC ideas presented. There were some minor comments but overall they seem excited about the project. On the other hand, back at the office, i didn't know there was already some ground work on a 2nd minor reshuffling. And before i know it afew hours after the BIG meeting, I've been moved to another account. No its nothing to do with me (i think!) but more on the bosses we report internally. There seem to be alot of cross-reporting where by right there should only be one head. So that is why the management feel thay had to reshuffle again.

To be honest I'm pretty relieve with this change cause this acct P was something very unfamiliar with me. And the new acct I'm being transferred into seem to be alot bigger and has more challenges up their sleeves. Sleepless nights and daily heart attacks, here I come!

Another Big Meeting

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I've been waking up later than my usual 5am routine lately. So when big meetings like this are arranged at 9am i have to go back to that routine! AIYAA! So hard to drag myself out of bed! My eyes are gonna be small slits throughout the morning. I just hope everything goes well and that I don't have to do much talking, if any at all.

Silk Canvas: Amanda Lepore

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Before / After ...more plastic goodness

Silk Canvas: Amanda Lepore

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Before / After ...At least this one is salvageable.

American Idol: David Archuleta - Heaven

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I love this song. And this boy did the song justice!


By Mr. Eleven Something.

I just got back from a meeting with my new clients. It got me thinking actually...I wonder if dealing with 'The Anjing' in my previous company has somehow balance my future karma. Maybe it's the agency I'm in or maybe it's my luck but somehow my clients are very nice people. I mean they have their ups and downs but never as low class or unprofessional as 'The Anjing'.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

I've been reading Reader's digest for awhile now. I even got a 1979 issue where they actually have a Bahasa Malaysia section (amazing!). So anyways I just realize that in their 'Quotable Quotes' section, there are more Hollywood celebrity quotes than before. Sometimes ALL the quotes are celebrity quotes. I don't have anything against Hollywood celebrity but some of these quotes are not what it used to be. Call me old fashion but judge for yourselves.

Reader's Digest, September 1992 - Quotable Quotes.
"Be bold in what you stand for and be careful what you fall for" - Ruth Boorstin in The Wall Street Journal


Reader's Digest, December 2003 - Quotable Quotes.
"I still believe that love is all you need. I dont know a better message than that" - Paul McCartney


Silk Canvas: Old Photo

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Before / After ....Major Restoration.

Silk Canvas: Jocelyn Wildenstein

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Before / After ...And still she looks weird

In 3 Pictures

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Mood: Serene Blue


By Mr. Eleven Something.

I really hope WARHAMMER ONLINE will be a major success. Here is one of the class I'm hope will be great. Witch Elf

"Witch Elves are the maiden-elves who are wedded to Khaine, the Lord of Murder, in midnight rites of blood sacrifice and magic. The decadent fragile looks of the maidens of Ulthuan are nothing compared to the intoxicating beauty of the Witch Elves. Witch Elves go to war alongside the Dark Elf armies, eager to prove themselves in the eyes of their god. For them the battlefield is just another temple of Khaine, and the screams of the dying are praises sung in honor of the bloody-handed god."

Taylor Swift - Teardrops on my Guitar

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I think this song is nice. Sad but nice.

Streamyx getting better (sorta)

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I know Streamyx may not be as fast as boadband they have overseas or in neighboring country but after using it for awhile (3 years ++?) I realize that it is still the best out there in Malaysia. I use the wired version btw, cause i dont believe in wireless. we'll get to that in another post.

If you search the lowyatt forum i'm sure you see alot of complains and ranting about how terrible streamyx is. But IMHO, if you are comparing it with Maxis, Celcom and what other crap out there, you will always come back to streamyx in the long run. It might not be world class but I feel they are really putting an effort in making the service better. Change does not happend overnight. Some might say Singapore is better and all but they are a small country and its easier there for the service provider cause internet usage is small compared to our country.

So my advise is, if you have streamyx problem.....COMPLAIN (1300-88-9515). They are improving but i think a lil' push wouldn't hurt.

Big Meeting

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Today is the big meeting! I hope our presentation ideas goes well. I hope we won't get shot down by the clients. I hope we can finally rest easy.

Dinner @ Sri Thai

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Had Sri Thai food just now! Yummy. Food was too good that i forget to take pictures of it. Bahhh...!!

People around me today

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Hmm.. just thought of uploading pics of people around me today.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

My external hard drive fell to the floor when i accidentally pulled the wire with my leg!! ARRGG! Stupid stupid careless boy! Thank god no permanant data loss.

Here's my hard drive

And here is my foot yanking the wires from the soket thus dropping the damn thing on the floor! Bloddy hell!


By Mr. Eleven Something.

Well well well.....apart from getting BONUS, the company also give ANGPOW!! Woohooo!!

Dolly's Dilemma

By Mr. Eleven Something.

You gotta love this woman!

Dolly Parton has had to postpone her upcoming U.S. tour because of a serious back ailment!

She was also quoted saying...

"You try wagging these puppies around a while and see if you don't have back problems. Seriously though, the doctors said I will be good as new in a few weeks, and I can't wait to get back out there. See you soon, Dolly."

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Thinking of getting this game. Don't know if its worth getting into or not. The release date is 20 May. I've been googling out 'Age of Conan flop' just to see what people are saying and it seems theres quite abit of prediction that this game is going to tank but maybe I'll still get it since its only gonna cost me about RM150 and taking the fact that I'm starving for Warhammer online. so maybe I'll play this while waiting for WAR (http://www.warhammeronline.com/english/home/index.php).

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I am currently playing Neverwinter Nights: Mask of the Betrayer. Feels nice to loose myself in this game. Ooo...shit and i love this Zara jacket! RM400! arrgh cant stop thinking about it.

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Wow its been a couple of months since I last blog. Looking at my last entry i'm glad things are going as planned.

- Work is stabilizing. Apart from the occasional heart attacks, everything else seems fine

- Spiritual thingie still keeping me calmer and more whole

- and best of all.....I LOST WEIGHT. i never weigh myself these days. but i know for sure that i lost more than afew inches. I knew it i can do it again.

oh...and i still hate that stupid 'ANJING'. cant help it. People close to me know who I'm talking about