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By. Eleven Something

Life in the Advertising Industry.

Another Movement

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Well well well the meeting with our new 'Client P' went well! I think they like all the TVC ideas presented. There were some minor comments but overall they seem excited about the project. On the other hand, back at the office, i didn't know there was already some ground work on a 2nd minor reshuffling. And before i know it afew hours after the BIG meeting, I've been moved to another account. No its nothing to do with me (i think!) but more on the bosses we report internally. There seem to be alot of cross-reporting where by right there should only be one head. So that is why the management feel thay had to reshuffle again.

To be honest I'm pretty relieve with this change cause this acct P was something very unfamiliar with me. And the new acct I'm being transferred into seem to be alot bigger and has more challenges up their sleeves. Sleepless nights and daily heart attacks, here I come!

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