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It's been awhile

By Mr. Eleven Something.

It's been awhile since I last post up a blog. Lots of things have been happening...

First of all.. I GOT MY FANTASTIC IPOD RED (which i don't have a picture yet cause my camera rosak)!

Next, I just got back from a good break in Bangkok. Had a fantastic stay with my aunt who's living there. Huge apartment. Very beautiful. Very near to all the attraction bangkok has to offer.

Then, I'm trying this whole 'being good and spiritual', which i think made me a whole lot calmer. Don't get me wrong I still get mild stroke when i get short deadline but it beats getting a full on heart attack. It also help me deal with life generally. A good change of perspective i must say.

Then there is also the issue of weight management. I'm going to gear 5 on this. Took abit of break for Ramadan but now its back to work! Not that I'm obese or anything but in terms of priority... looking my best is right up there with family, career and money.

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Smile. It's only bleeding on the inside.

Proud to be Malaysian

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Flavor of Love - Bitch Fight!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Bitch Fight!

Now all they need is abit of mud then everyone can take their clothes off.

Reminder to self

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Just the other day I was reading a friends blog. It reminded me about this particular video taken during war somewhere in Africa.
When I has having a bad day in the office (due to some barren anjing), I will always think about the video to remind myself that whatever shit I went through is just microscopic germ compared to what these people go through.

Since I cannot find the video on youtube, I will explain it. Basically it shows a kid (about 6 y/o?) crying at the side of the street. I guess he was scared because war was going on around him and it was quite chaotic. So then, this army truck passed by and all the kids started running except for this little boy. He was so scared and kept on crying. One of the army guys got off the truck and started beating the shit out of the little boy. I felt so sick watching this. It’s not enough they beat the crap out of him, they threw him on the truck, strip him naked and kept on beating him. They twisted his arms until it broke. The boy was really scared now and wanted to run away but they step on him and kicked him even more. From here, the video cuts and the next thing u know the boy is on the road,arms twisted and the army tuck driving away. Bastards.

So yea, whatever shit I’m going through everyday will never compare to what the boy just went through in 1 day. I hope that boy is okay and safe.

I'm a Simpsons!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

This is me! Simpsonized that is. I think it does not resemble me at all but anyone can try it out at simpsonizeme.com

Meet Alessandra

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Alessandra, GuildWars - Nightfall

I'd like to introduce my main character, Alessandra. I created her before Alexander. She's a powerful derv who can tank decently. I call her my mini-tanker. Yes, i have a thing with blondes. So what. She's HOT!

Weird Dream

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I had a weird dream yesterday night. It's abit stupid i must say. I dreamt of a plane crash and the weirdest thing is the people who got killed in the accident. It was Siti Nurhaliza, Britney Spears, some random football players and other civilians.

Apparently, something happened to their plane and it caught on fire in mid air. In the dream I was on a night flight back to KL when I saw this thing happened before my very eyes. Everyone was so shocked. It looked so real. At that time we didn't know who was killed but later on, their names were published on some website and it was a BIG News all over the world. I guess mainly cause Britney got killed.

The dream was so vivid. I can still remember waking up and feeling so shocked. In my grogginess I still thought it was real. Gila lah!

Our Character in GuildWars

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Alexander & Sati, GuildWars -Nightfall

This is my character Alexander and Li San's character Sati in Nightfall. Yes I'm still an addict. Whats new. I think we look FANTASTIC!

Negarakuku: Modern thinking or just disrespecful?

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Namewee - Negarakuku

Well, the other day one of the headlines in the press count my eye. It’s regarding this boy (Malaysian but currently studying in Taiwan) who is singing the ‘chinese-rap’ version of Negaraku. Which he is calling Negarakuku and touches some sensitive issue in Malaysia & also implying something negative regarding Islam. Note: I said implying! He didn’t say it out aloud but you know…complain..sindir..sindir. Same thing lah. People are not dumb la, little boy.

Basically, the government found out and are demanding a public apology, etc. To me, talking shit about your own country and dissing other races is all fine and good when you are among friends (which I know we all do! C'mon be honest here.) but publicly airing it out for the whole world to see is abit rude lah. And disrespectful regardless of any of his intentions be it good or bad.

Yes I know it’s ONLY his own opinion. And yes I know he is ‘frustrated’ but every country has its own sets of faults. And this is ours to deal with. No need lah to air all your dirty laundry. I dunno, I just don’t think its…proper. It’s not like you are providing a solution but instead making it worst. Ever heard of ‘Constructive Criticism’ little boy?

I DON’T NEED ANOTHER MAY 13, 1969 on my hands yah! Decapitated hands and heads all over the roadside and all. I am quite happy running amok with my weekly content ads thank you very much!

Broken Trust

By Mr. Eleven Something.

You know that song sung by Elton John called Sacrifice. Well, I never though much about the song until recently when I found out the real meaning behind the writer & song. I guess now it holds a more personal meaning to me than it did before…

The song "Sacrifice" is about a marriage relationship destroyed through infidelity. The first verse describes the trouble: ." When the relationship is difficult, it is easy for a married man to be tempted- "Its a human sign, when things go wrong- the scent of her lingers,temptation's strong." Each married man may be faced with marrige problems ("negativity lands") leading to the call of "sweet deceit," seeking illicit love outside the marriage.

"Cold heart, hard done (hardened) by you." The relationship chills, hardens, more distance, and then a fleeting opportunity for a fling looks better than the painful relationship he's committed to ("some things look better just passing through").

The infidelity rips the relationship apart:"After the fact": "mutual misunderstanding," "sensitivity builds a prison," "we lose direction," "no stone unturned" (with all trust lost, everything is accused and judged)... "jealousy burns."

I tend to think that the repeated "Its no sacrifice" represents the writer trying to convince himself that not that much has been lost, for after all, the two hearts were already living in two separate worlds.

Diablo 3 Announcement?

By Mr. Eleven Something.

This weekend Blizzard is going to announce another new game in development at their convention! Please please please let it be Diablo 3 and NOT another wow expansion or something like that.

One thing I know for sure is that the Diablo franchise has very loyal fans. I myself have been playing the game since I was in Form 3. Nearly 10 years ago. O’ god I feel old.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

This has got to be one of the best Thriller remake EVER!

The 11th Hour

By Mr. Eleven Something.

As usual, when its the day to process materials, that's when the urgent MAJOR changes comes in. However this time it's not the clients fault but a 3rd party nonsense.

You see, each week we feature different contents for download (wallpapers, screensaver, ringtones..etc) on our ad. One week it could be Transformers and maybe the next week it could be Dangdut. So happend this week we are featuring a blockbuster movie. And before anything goes out they would need to see it first. But let me make this clear that first and foremost this ad belongs to our client(telco company) so we had always allocated 60% of the visual to our download contents and 40% to visual keyart of the featured content.

Right now the problem is that the damn movie people want more than their share of 40% visual. Not only that, they are dictating how OUR ad should be! They even asked us to remove our aquisition message!! Gila lah! who the hell they think they are. They are not forking out a single cent on the media buy or creatives and they want to dictate what we can and cannot put on OUR ad.

I'm sick, i'm angry and pissed off with this crap. I just hope our clients won't tolerate this nonsense from them. This ad does not belong to the movie people. It is ultimately our ad featuring their damn movie. If anything they should be paying our clients since we are further promoting their movie.

This is my sin…

By Mr. Eleven Something.

If I were to pick a sin that would reflect me, it would be ENVY. When I was little I would get very envious when my cousin gets a new toy or has more friends. Though I’m not little anymore, I still get very envious over the stupidest thing. For example when my friends has nicer cars than me or how some people just look ridiculously good effortlessly, etc.

Well I guess it’s not all bad cause when I get green eyed, I will work harder to be better. So yea…Envy is my sin and I’ve come to deal with it.

**Coincidentally green is my favorite color and its also the color that represents Envy.

Video of the Week

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Casual & calming...

Got Sick

By Mr. Eleven Something.

A couple of days ago i went to the clinic to get my ears check. At the clinic there was this woman who was very sick. She looks horrible cause i think she got fever and she definately got flu and also cough. I even heard her saying " I think it got worst already.."

Well I though nothing of it until a couple of days later I got minor fever, flu and cough. ARRGHH! She passed the damn virus to me! Stupid Woman! It's very annoying yah.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

Finally i got my sunglasses. After going through 9 different shops in 3 different location, i finally got it. Apparently most of the shop ran out of stock or just didn't carry the model that i wanted. But all is good now. I got what i wanted. I am going to be contented for the next 1 week or so....

...Ooo and I finally saw Harry Porter's latest movie this weekend. I thought it was Good. 7 out of 10!

No Stock

By Mr. Eleven Something.

One thing I notice is that everytime i REAAALYwant something, I'd have to work extra hard for it. Okay fine, i dont expect things to drop on my lap but this is getting abit out of hand. This is just a simple Ray Ban, Aviator sunglasses for gods sake. And i had to go to 7 shops today and ALL of them OUT OF BLOODY STOCK.

Tomorrow, go to Curve to hunt summore. If they don't have, then i'm off to KL. I'm gonna raid all the England Opticals, Focus Points, Kedai Kaca Mata Kuan Seng and all the other crap shop...!

I want what I want and I always get what i want. Always.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

It's Friday! And i'm going out in search of the best cheapest price for my sunnies. Woohoo. At first i tought it was RM545 but apparently it can go down to RM406. Who knows maybe can go down summore to RM350 or something....

New Sunglasses!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Woohoo! I'm getting myself a Sunglasses (belated b'day present to myself! :P)
RAYBAN - Highstreet RB3321

Morning Gym?

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Today i woke up at 5.30am, got myself ready and drove off to KL....(No, i'm not crazy.Really.)

No, not for work but to workout. It's been many years since i actually woke up very early to go to gym. Trying out something new here. I parked my car at the office parking because its safer and FREE. Then i walked to the nearest monorail (3 mins away) and waited for the train to arrive. By 7am i was at the gym happily working out. I hope I can keep this up la. Targeting 3 times a week to hit the gym. Once on weekday and twice on weekend.

Hari Raya is about 3 months away. I've been letting myself go for abit now so I hope to get back in shape by RAYA!

*Remind self to cut down on Mc Junk Food!!!!

Bored at work?

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Bored at work? Need to kill time while waiting for clients approval? Have no fear. Here some sites to SAVE THE DAY!

Tabloid Trash Website

Oh No They Didn't
Blog based celebrity gossip. Updated VERY often (new contents every hour)

Guild Wars
One of the better online games out there. And it's FREE!

GuildWars Guru
The best site i go to for Guild Wars infos. The forum is amazing.

One of the more popular sites for gaming. Sometimes i feel that this site is very biase.

No explanation needed here.

Confession of an Addict

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I am a Guild Wars addict. It's been 40 days now of playing this game. I thought i would get bored after awhile but each time i play this game, i will invent new ways of sticking to it even more.
Further more, the game is coming out with a new expansion this 31st August. I'm so dead. Goodbye social life. It's been fun.

The Killer Next Door by Joel Norris

By Mr. Eleven Something.

A Disturbing Book

A friend of mine borrowed me this book called The Killer Next Door by Joel Norris. It delves into some of the most notorious murder cases and talk about the killers behind it. The author had examined the cases through the perspective of the killer. What goes though his head as he kills the victim; The motive of his killings; Why he started killing; etc. It touches issues on Cannibalism, Rape, Mass Killing, Kidnapping and Torture.

While reading this book it got me thinking….why didn’t these crazy men get to Zakiah!!! Lol. See! That’s why this book is so DISTURBING. All this bad things happened to the WRONG people. Sheesh!

Guild Wars...Again!

By Mr. Eleven Something.


As you can see, I do not post as much anymore because of Guild Wars! (Woo!!). Today I just bought another installment, Guild Wars: Prophecy. Its actually the first in a serie of 3. The one i bought the other day was part 2. And the one i'm getting end of this week is part 3.

Amazing, amazing little game. It kindda feel like i'm playing Diablo all over again somehow. And I think Diablo rocks! So anything that feels like Diablo rocks too.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

I’m planning to get guild wars!!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I’m going to Low Yat at lunch time to gettit (if some disaster don’t come up lah)


7 Hour Radio Recording.

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Yesterday we recorded a few Radio ads for our client. 3 scripts per language and there are 3 languages. Meaning there’s 9 scripts to record in total. It was the longest Radio recording I’ve ever attended! Starts out at 4pm and it went on till 11pm. But I must say that the sound engineer is really good. He works fast and no complains when we wanted to make a couple of changes here and there.

The studio was very comfy and food was served. And the company was good too. All of us were cracking up and making stupid jokes. Time just flew by without us realizing. The only thing is, I hope the clients approve the finished product cause they didn’t attend the damn recording! If reject or kena make any changes then we have to re-mix or re-record the damn thing. Aiyoyo!!!

My Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 3

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Overall: 2/10

Short Story: Draggy & VERY thin plotline.

For this 3 hour crap, I might as well watch a Bollywood movie for all that matter! At least the plotline there is more interesting and they can sing and dance their way through the movie. O my god, this movie is really awful. Why even bother make a movie. Why not just Angelina Jolie the whole budget for this movie so she can feed those poor starving children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only reason I gave this movie a 2 and not 0 is because I though Kiera Knightly was hot.

Now seriously, don't waste your money watching this piece of shit but instead put your money into something better!


By Mr. Eleven Something.

I can hear the weekend angel singing! It’s been a content ad week for the whole of last week and this week. Gila man!!

Just yesterday when we though all the ads are out….suddenly another one fucking pop-up out thin air. As my ex-clients says it…"O’ MY GODSSSSS!".

Briefed at 2pm and material deadline the next day. Well somehow rather, with the help of a magical intern fairy called Joanne, we manage to pull through. She whipped out a very good visual that was approved immediately by the clients. They even say “GOOD JOB GUYS! WE REALLY LIKE IT!”. Woohoo!

So yea… It was a good closing to the content ad saga for this week. This weekend is gonna be MY TIME. I’m gonna hit the gym, go to movies, hang out with friends and wake up late! HAHA!

The Golden Child

By Mr. Eleven Something.

A few weeks back i was talking to my former colleague regarding my new job. I told him that everything is going great so far and I'm doing fine now. I'm handling a telco account right now and they are alot more busier than my former account. Bud they pay the agency VERY well too! (unlike some cheap shit former client. Harapkan nama je glamer!).

The funny thing about big account is that when it's busy, its REALLYY BUSY (which happend most of the time). All the Studio people will be working solely on our stuff and half of the creatives are developing something new for us. And the other people handling other accounts will start complaining that we are conquering everything. As i relate this to my former colleague, he passed a comment saying that our acct seem to be the golden child of the agency. Which I thought was pretty damn cool! Most of our jobs are urgent stuff so our work will automatically overwrite other smaller jobs. I dunno, i just find this evilly fun in a twisted way.

On the side, i have to say having the nicest damn clients really help to put the heart attacks at bay when the workload gets heavy and rushes are high. So yea, this is cool for now.

My Review: SHREK 3

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Overall : 5/10

Don’t get me wrong this movie is not terrible or anything but it’s just mediocre to me. Storyline wise that is. The animation is good. But a movie SHOULD be about a good plot line and this film falls short of that.

The characters have potential but they weren’t expanded. Maybe I would favor this film more if I was 14 or 15 years old but the problem is I’m not. As my friend said it, it’s a movie full of one liners. It’s entertaining to watch with a friend for a good laugh but don’t expect too much. Hollywood movies these days are really lacking the one thing they should focus on and that is a good story to tell and not just a bunch of funny scenes stitch together into 1 movie regardless of its flow.

I don't know how they did it, but The Incredibles & Cars really had it on target. Shrek seem to have all the elements but the magic is not there somehow. Maybe it's just the Disney magic. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for good ol' fashion story telling.

By Mr. Eleven Something.

What do they all know. they got it all wrong. this is so unfair. they're playing our song...

Nobody gets too much heaven no more
Its much harder to come by
I'm waiting in line
Nobody gets too much love anymore
Its as high as a mountain
And harder to climb

The Aftermath

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Well its 2.30am and I'm finally home. I would say my expected disaster was under control and not so explosive thanks to a great boss and an excellent studio team. This would have been a huge meltdown if it weren't for them. Instead it was only a medium scale disaster. Got lots of things cleared off the plate so tomorrow is another adventure! Still love this acct. what can i say...

My Disaster Scale

No Disaster - Back at home by 9pm

Small - Back at home by 11pm

Medium - Back home by 2-3am

Huge Meltdown - Back home by 4pm the next day

(Old job) MOTHER MELTDOWN - Back home by 7pm but dealing with THE BASTARD ANJING everyday. haha. cant resist.

Relaxing Picture of the Week

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Ahhh....this is beautiful

Holy Crap Pile!!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Stacks over stacks of work! So many things going on at one time. and ALL of them are due by end of this week. This is insane man. I think Agencies should implement a system where no new job can come in after too many things had piled up. I just hope there won't be any nasty surprises tomorrow cause it'll just back lock everything else thats also going out.

Email to clients:

Dear xxx,

Due to the insane amount of workload that had piled up on our end and your refusal to give immediate approval, we are hereby temporarily not taking in any new jobs this week until current ones had been approved and sent out. Hope you understand that our Art Director is foaming through his mouth and the studio people are turning grey from the lack of proper nutrients.



By Mr. Eleven Something.

I haven’t been in the advertising field very long but so far it’s been a really good roller-coaster affair. At this point in my career, I am still being shaped by the people and environment around me. I have my own goals and reaching it requires extreme hardwork determination, intelligence and wit. So far, these 3 women are the ones that had the most impact on me professionally. Period.

The Mother

Strong, witty, funny. Thought me that work is important but it does not define you as a person. Thought me balance.

The Sister

Armed with a whip and steel gloves, she thought me the meaning of discipline & hard work. It got abit crazy occasionally but life’s like that sometimes.

The Fucker: lol. Name says it all. Thought me endurance and patience (lots of it!).

Youtube of the week

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Puddle Of Mudd - She Hates Me
One of my classic favorites. I’m sure everyone can relate to this song somehow.

The Evil One

By Mr. Eleven Something.

In advertising there are good clients and there are bad ones. Good ones are professional, efficient and organized. While the bad ones can be the complete opposite. A small tale of caution that need to be told here…

Okay. There’s this huge telco company in Malaysia who is notorious for being the WORST clients ever. Lets call this telco company Blood.

Blood is well-known to be very cruel to their advertising agency in terms of unfair demands and rudeness. Fine, all telcos have insane amount of workload but they could have told the Agency abit earlier in advance for them to make proper preparations. In, most cases its brief and deadline is also on same day. Or Briefed on Monday evening but they need the crap by Tuesday MORNING. Fantastic.

Blood is also very well known for their RUDENESS. Most of the time, insane workload is very normal. It’s even expected out of huge accounts. Insane workload is usually caused by short deadlines or bad timing. But RUDENESS is caused by IMPROPER UPBRINGING. Throwing tantrums & regularly loosing your temper and not to mention throwing physical objects clearly means they have lousy parents who neglect this small part in their upbringing. Below is an example of a regular scripted conversation.

“Material dateline is tomorrow. I don’t know how you are going to do this... but you will have to cough something out by tomorrow for approval and to proceed. We have briefed you on this many time before this (Lie) and yet you are still not able to meet our standards... anyways... i am going home as it is 5.30 and i presume you will have to work something out by tomorrow morning. Bye”

No, Blood is not a client of mine (thank god). They are clients of my friends.

Holy Crap!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Just got back from eating at Chili’s @ Bangsar Shopping Centre with my family. Guess what we found in the Classic Nachos that we ordered? I didn’t know that little unknown bug was part of their fantastic ingredients.

Yes, we found a little caterpillar-like bug spliced in 2 on top of the Classic Nachos’s cheese topping. We called in the manager and he gave said the Classic Bug Nachos was on the house and that we could order any desert FOC. Good right? Then we found a piece of plastic wrapping in our Chocolate Molten Cake.

The Chef should really rethink his Fear Factor element la. C’mon, is bugs and plastic wrapping the best you can do? What about a mercun as you cut open the chocolate cake? Or maybe instead of a little caterpillar, try putting a variety of small cockroaches?

**All this crap aside, Chili's really do serve very good food.

Give Me My Pirates!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Apparently there is no more pirated software and games widely sold in KL like last time. This is so annoying. The only way I could get these things now is through online download. Crap la. It just so happened that this is also Visit Malaysia Year. See the connection anyone? VMY is here so the pirates suddenly disappear.

Honestly la, the original software out there is VERY expensive. I don’t think the average Malaysian can afford original software apart from the essentials like Windows platform which is quite reasonable lately. Don’t you think I’d get the original if I can afford it. Problem is, most people in Malaysia can’t afford it. GIVE ME MY PIRATES! I CANNOT AFFORD ORIGINALS!


By Mr. Eleven Something.

"Dreams are just dreams. Goals are dreams with a strategy and a deadline."
- Anonymous

My Precious Dog

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Dog; [dawg, dog] Pronunciation Key - noun, verb, dogged, dog·ging.

1. Any carnivore of the dogfamily Canidae, having prominent canine teeth and, in the wild state, a long and slender muzzle, a deep-chested muscular body, a bushy tail, and large, erect ears.

2. Slang.

a. an ugly, boring, unpleasant or crude person.

b. something worthless or of extremely poor quality

3. Informal. Something of inferior or low quality


I used to have a little stray dog once. She has a short fat little body, bronze brown fur and always makes the most irritating noises. Because she was abit of an ugly dog, we try to make her feel special by letting her bite, attack and basically have her way with anyone. And because she cannot bear any puppies (due to very bad genetics) we took pity upon her even more. She was the most precious little dog running around the house pretending to be important. Then one day, I had to move house so ‘little precious one’ was left to chase after her own tail. Even though it was short, I cherish the fond memories we had together.

Exclusive: Dr. Martens to Saatchi: You're Fired!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

The Daily Swarm has learned that Airwair Ltd., the creators of Dr. Martens famous footwear, has fired its advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi London, in the midst of an ongoing uproar over a poster campaign featuring the images of deceased musicians wearing their shoes in heaven.

David Suddens, CEO of Dr. Martens’ parent company AirWair Ltd., told The Daily Swarm in a phone interview that the posters were never intended to see the light of day. “We said no. It was creative that was put to us, but we didn’t like it. It doesn’t represent the company at all.”

Saatchi later released a statement standing by the ads. Kate Stanners, executive creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi said, “We believe the ads are edgy but not offensive. There has been blog commentary both for and against the ads, but it is our belief that they are respectful of both the musicians and the Dr. Martens brand.”

Isn't huge ads like this are suppose to get reviewed and approved till the highest order of Dr. Marten's people before it can even be released?


Nice One

By Mr. Eleven Something.

"You have to stay in shape. My grandmother, she started walking five miles a day when she was 60. She's 97 today and we don't know where the hell she is."
- Ellen DeGeners

Photoshop Before-After

By Mr. Eleven Something.

"The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think." - Anonymous

Our Amazing Content Ad.

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Every week we’ll do a content ad for this client of mine. It will feature their latest product and promos in 3 different languages. And most of the time each language will talk about different packages / promos. All press ads are usually fullpage and always fullcolors. Never…I repeat…NEVER in Black & White. Yea they are that rich. So u can take a guess on my clients (FMCG? Telco? Entertainment? Bank? etc...take your pick)

Oh, yea… the datelines are damn short too (as usual). This is not some Petaling Street press ad we are talking about yah. This is some FANCY NANCY design. They always demand the Crème de la Crème.

They want it FAST, they want it GOOD and they want CHEAPP!!

Welcome to the World of Advertising! Yay!

(A small part of a very big content ad!)

The excitement never stops.

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I remember a few years ago before I joined Mccann or even Bozell, I had wished my life would be a bit more exciting. A bit more hyper la.

Well… just be careful what you wished for OK!

Later on, for one blissful year and a half I got to handle one of the bigger account in the agency. Yes it was really good and the experience was golden. I won’t deny that. But let's just say that thank god there are no guns for sale in Malaysia. Cause its either me or them whos gonna have a lubang in their head.

Anyhooos.... after enough of swimming in feces, I thought it was time to move on. Well thank god that I swam through (and eaten) all that feces. Cause I think that was one of the main factor that landed me in my new job and managing fairly well. And yes the new job is even more exciting but minus all that fucking bullcrap. (Smile. It’s international smiley day today!)

Moral of the story: Never carry a gun while swimming through shiete.

Relaxing picture of the week

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Alessandra Ambrosio. McDelicious.

Youtube of the week

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Cool Song, Cool video.

Daughtry - It's not over.

Streamyx, Streamyx…tsk, tsk, tsk

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Okay. Right now they are having the 4 Mbps package under promotion. Instead of paying RM265 for the damn package, you only need to pay RM198 monthly. Being the China man at heart, I thought this was a really good deal. And thennn…

OK LAH…..long story short, my area is not covered because its 3.2km away from their crap station. The minimum distance is 3km! Arrrrghhhh! I need to stab a Zakiah right now! This is very annoying yah.

Torrent & Streamyx

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Recently the connection has been very good to me. I’m downloading at 95kbps for popular torrents and less popular ones at 20-30kbps. And I found some of these things very useful to keep in mind.

Streamyx tips for torrents

  • Use Bitcomet to download torrents
  • Raise your TCP/IP limitation thingie from 10 to about 50-100 ( I set it at 50 for now)
    Streamyx IP that starts with 218 is better at downloading torrents than 219
  • Seed where possible. It may just speed you up by raising your ratio. Higher ration may sometime mean better preferences in download.
  • If you have extra money try your-freedom.net. It’s a good way to use money to bypass streamyx’s traffic shaping.
  • Whenever you have slow connection……COMPLAIN to 1300-88-9515. yay!!

Starcraft 2 & Diablo 3

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I am geek. Always am, always will be. Anyhooos....moving on, here are 2 games that had impacted my gaming life like never before. Diablo and Starcraft. Both titans and both by the same company, Blizzard Entertainment. Recently they had announced the birth of Starcraft 2. I had wished a thousand times it would be Diablo 3, but i know Starcraft is a game that had paid its dues and must come out now or the brand will die. So ladies and gentlemen, I present STARCRAFT 2

StarCraft II continues the epic saga of the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. These three distinct and powerful races will clash once again in the fast-paced real-time strategy sequel to the legendary original, StarCraft. Legions of veteran, upgraded, and brand-new unit types will do battle across the galaxy, as each faction struggles for survival.


  • Fast-paced, hard-hitting, tightly balanced competitive real-time strategy gameplay that recaptures and improves on the magic of the original game
  • Three completely distinct races: Protoss, Terran, and Zerg
  • New units and gameplay mechanics further distinguish each race
  • Groundbreaking single-player "story-mode" campaign
  • Vibrant new 3D-graphics engine with support for dazzling visual effects and massive unit and army sizes
  • Full multiplayer support, with new competitive features and matchmaking utilities available through Battle.net
  • Full map-making and scripting tools to give players incredible freedom in customizing and personalizing their gameplay experience

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Everything is moving so fast

By Mr. Eleven Something.

One minute you are starting the day and the next thing you know the day is over and you need sleep!

I Believe...

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I believe in the good of people*
I believe that those who do wrong will and must be punished.
I believe in hard work.
I believe that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.
I believe that people are judged on first appearances.
I believe in speaking your mind.
I believe in honor.
I believe the truth will prevail in the end
I believe in Karma. What comes around, goes around.

*Except for a certain anjing who is hollow inside. A barren woman who is truly rotten to the core.

My First Post!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Wohooo! My first post. How exciting is this. Okay.....now i'm in the office and need to get back to work.

So yea...First Post. Yay!