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Reminder to self

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Just the other day I was reading a friends blog. It reminded me about this particular video taken during war somewhere in Africa.
When I has having a bad day in the office (due to some barren anjing), I will always think about the video to remind myself that whatever shit I went through is just microscopic germ compared to what these people go through.

Since I cannot find the video on youtube, I will explain it. Basically it shows a kid (about 6 y/o?) crying at the side of the street. I guess he was scared because war was going on around him and it was quite chaotic. So then, this army truck passed by and all the kids started running except for this little boy. He was so scared and kept on crying. One of the army guys got off the truck and started beating the shit out of the little boy. I felt so sick watching this. It’s not enough they beat the crap out of him, they threw him on the truck, strip him naked and kept on beating him. They twisted his arms until it broke. The boy was really scared now and wanted to run away but they step on him and kicked him even more. From here, the video cuts and the next thing u know the boy is on the road,arms twisted and the army tuck driving away. Bastards.

So yea, whatever shit I’m going through everyday will never compare to what the boy just went through in 1 day. I hope that boy is okay and safe.

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