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Weird Dream

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I had a weird dream yesterday night. It's abit stupid i must say. I dreamt of a plane crash and the weirdest thing is the people who got killed in the accident. It was Siti Nurhaliza, Britney Spears, some random football players and other civilians.

Apparently, something happened to their plane and it caught on fire in mid air. In the dream I was on a night flight back to KL when I saw this thing happened before my very eyes. Everyone was so shocked. It looked so real. At that time we didn't know who was killed but later on, their names were published on some website and it was a BIG News all over the world. I guess mainly cause Britney got killed.

The dream was so vivid. I can still remember waking up and feeling so shocked. In my grogginess I still thought it was real. Gila lah!

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