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By. Eleven Something

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Broken Trust

By Mr. Eleven Something.

You know that song sung by Elton John called Sacrifice. Well, I never though much about the song until recently when I found out the real meaning behind the writer & song. I guess now it holds a more personal meaning to me than it did before…

The song "Sacrifice" is about a marriage relationship destroyed through infidelity. The first verse describes the trouble: ." When the relationship is difficult, it is easy for a married man to be tempted- "Its a human sign, when things go wrong- the scent of her lingers,temptation's strong." Each married man may be faced with marrige problems ("negativity lands") leading to the call of "sweet deceit," seeking illicit love outside the marriage.

"Cold heart, hard done (hardened) by you." The relationship chills, hardens, more distance, and then a fleeting opportunity for a fling looks better than the painful relationship he's committed to ("some things look better just passing through").

The infidelity rips the relationship apart:"After the fact": "mutual misunderstanding," "sensitivity builds a prison," "we lose direction," "no stone unturned" (with all trust lost, everything is accused and judged)... "jealousy burns."

I tend to think that the repeated "Its no sacrifice" represents the writer trying to convince himself that not that much has been lost, for after all, the two hearts were already living in two separate worlds.