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The 11th Hour

By Mr. Eleven Something.

As usual, when its the day to process materials, that's when the urgent MAJOR changes comes in. However this time it's not the clients fault but a 3rd party nonsense.

You see, each week we feature different contents for download (wallpapers, screensaver, ringtones..etc) on our ad. One week it could be Transformers and maybe the next week it could be Dangdut. So happend this week we are featuring a blockbuster movie. And before anything goes out they would need to see it first. But let me make this clear that first and foremost this ad belongs to our client(telco company) so we had always allocated 60% of the visual to our download contents and 40% to visual keyart of the featured content.

Right now the problem is that the damn movie people want more than their share of 40% visual. Not only that, they are dictating how OUR ad should be! They even asked us to remove our aquisition message!! Gila lah! who the hell they think they are. They are not forking out a single cent on the media buy or creatives and they want to dictate what we can and cannot put on OUR ad.

I'm sick, i'm angry and pissed off with this crap. I just hope our clients won't tolerate this nonsense from them. This ad does not belong to the movie people. It is ultimately our ad featuring their damn movie. If anything they should be paying our clients since we are further promoting their movie.

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