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By. Eleven Something

Life in the Advertising Industry.

Silk Canvas: Donatella Versace

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Before / After ....O' Donatella, you so prrty.

Silk Canvas: Priscilla Presley

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Before / After ...Hmmm! Now she resembles her daughter, Lisa.

Youth in itself is beauty. Looking at her younger modeling photo below, it looks like she could have been a Victoria Secret model or something.

Weird day

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Yesterday was a weird day indeed. It started of very rocky in the morning with alotta crap and shit. But it ended with so much jokes and laughter I thought my stomach would burst.

Silk Canvas: Farrah Fawcett

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Before / After ...Farrah aging gracefully

(OMG. so stress at work I had to fix something!)

5am blogging...again.

By Mr. Eleven Something.

It's 5ish in the morning and I'm preparing to go for work. As mention before there are sooooo many things that needs to get done. On top of that I had also fucked up a photoshoot which thankfully is now fixable. Honestly the studio is damn flooded and the creatives are pulling an all-nighter. Even though i went back at 9 but i was working all the way from home. I'm gonna shower now and hopefully get to work by 6.30am.

Both my parents are down with fever and flu. O'god I hope I don't get sick. I just cant.

Shamelessly liking
Heidi Montag - Body Language right now.....

(Download MP3 @ Source)

Heather Mills Gone Wild

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Fiona Shackleton arrives perfectly coiffed ... and leaves bedraggled following her drenching
Heather Mills is intensifying her bitter war with her husband's divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton.

Having thrown a jug of water over Mrs Shackleton at the High Court yesterday, Miss Mills is now threatening to report her to the Law Society for professional misconduct over allegations that she called her names.

Miss Mills threw water over her former husband's lawyer and then laughingly announced that she had been "baptised in court." But Mrs Shackleton may well have the last laugh as she is rumoured to have earned £3million from the McCartney case.

A source said: “Mills believes that Shackleton accused her of trying it on by appearing at one legal meeting in a wheelchair to gain sympathy. “More than anyone else, Mills felt this woman had a personal grudge against her. She felt personally attacked by Fiona Shackleton.”

Fiona Shackleton arrives perfectly coiffed ... and leaves bedraggled following her drenching


Music: Cassie - Is it you

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Cassie - Is it you. From the OST of Step up 2

I'm looking for someone to share my pain (Uh)
Someone who I can run to, who would stay with me when it rains
Someone who I can cry with trough the night
Someone who I can trust who's hardest right
And I'm looking for someone

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?

(My current favorite song. Usually i'll hate the weak vocals but somehow i love this)

- source -

Silk Canvas: Donatella Versace

By Mr. Eleven Something.

(click for better view)

Before / After ...Donatella has very strong features. Cheek bones, lips and nose. She's one of the easiest to touch up cause all I has to do was soften her features.

Silk Canvas: Melanie Griffith

By Mr. Eleven Something.

(Click for better view)

Before / After ...She's not going to age gracefully I can tell you that. Personally, I think celebrities should at one point know when to finally stop fighting nature. And just AGE.

Flat Tyre Expert

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Woke up this morning to find my tyres had gone flat due to a nail i didn't notice from the night before.
I've had so many many many flat tyres with different cars, I can now consider myself an expert in changing flat tires. Well, within 10 minutes I had gotten the spare tyre in then drove to the nearest workshop to get the flats 'tampal' and after 15 mins or so my little project is done! Yay!

Silk Canvas: More Joan Van Ark

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Before / After ....I just love fixing Joan Van Ark. She's a plastic surgery miracle! No seriously, I'm not crazy.

Flash Flood!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

It has reached the insane level already now. The pressure is on for ALL the creative visuals / FAs to be ready and out within the next few days. Let’s list down some of the collaterals…

2 Booth Design
3 Vertical Posters
6 Horizonal Panels
10 Magazine resizing.
25 FAs for Ambient Items of various sizes
200 images to resize for various phone screen

TOTAL: 246 Item. Excellent.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

Its 6am and I'm preparing to go work out now. Finally!! I'm so lazy that I need to look at fat people photo to scare myself to go. :P

Well..I also need to de-stress from all the drama at work. God, I love the ad industry. never boring.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

Was suppose to go to gym this morning but I just felt so laaaaazy. At this rate I'm never gonna get my pornstar body. haha


By Mr. Eleven Something.

I don't know why I'm still angry. It happened so long ago. I'm not one to hold a grudge especially when it's regarding work. I tend to let go of shits like you after awhile but your red web still burns me every now and then. Like everything in my life, I tend to make mistakes like you only once in my life. Lesson learned. I hope one day I may let go. I hope one day I may forget.

Baby Born With 2 Faces

By Mr. Eleven Something.

She's only a few days old and already a baby girl in Northern India is being worshipped as a reincarnated god.
The newborn is unlike any other child villagers have seen before — she has two faces.
The girl was born on Monday at a hospital in the suburbs of Delhi, according IBNLive.com.
Since then, people in her rural village have been singing and dancing — offering money and asking for her blessings, IBNLive.com reported.

The parents are hoping the government will help with medical treatments needed for their baby girl in the future. For now though, both mother and child are healthy and doing fine, according to a doctor at the hospital.
So Kesian the baby...!


By Mr. Eleven Something.

It's 6am and I hate Mondays.

I bet this tranny hates it too. She Fierce (for real!).

Tech Fix: Video Problems

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Help me Mr. Eleven Something! I've downloaded tons of movies, clips and porns of various file format and its driving my computer crazy!!!! How can i convert them all into 1 format. Pleaseeeee save meeeee.....!! - Distraught Geek

Mr. Eleven Something: Hello Distraught Geek, I'm gonna try to help you out here. Since you didn't mention about what format you want to convert it into, I'm just gonna play safe and recommend you what I personally use, TOTAL VIDEO CONVERTER. It is by far the most reliable video converter I had used. Trust me, I have used alot. Here's a basic intro from their official website. This software is reliable, fast and stable. It would help if you know your stuff about codec and shit. But all in all...Its a pretty much dummy proof. GET IT.

"E.M. Total Video Converter is a total solution for video conversion which supports reading, playing lots of video and audio formats and converting them to popular video formats. E.M. Total Video Converter includes a powerful media conversion engine internally so that you can convert media files with very fast speed."

Question: Hey Dude, I got a abit of problem with a porn clip I had recently downloaded. the format is .wmv and I can't seem to scroll / drag through the video. The video opens up like normal and plays like normal but i cannot seem to jump from scene to scene. WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with the goddamn video??! - Charlie USA

Mr. Eleven Something: Hi Charlie, I think this is god's way of punishing mortals for downloading fantastic pornos. Thankfully, there is a loophole in this punishment! Most likely the video you had downloaded has errors in it thus making the video unable to scroll / drag. If I'm not mistaken this is something to do with the indexing. And you can fix it by downloading VIDEO FIXER. I downloaded mine via torrent *cough *cough* *cracked version* *cough*. I'm not 100% sure if this is the best software out there, but it worked for me.

"Video Fixer repairs DivX, AVI, ASF, WMV, WMA, and RM files that cannot be played or dragged, that are not completely downloaded, or that are partly damaged or corrupted."

Heavens Above

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Here are some beautiful pictures of clouds taken by my sister, Ona while flying.

Beautiful Scenery

By Mr. Eleven Something.

(The song that goes with the sceneries)

Adriana Lima

Ana Beatriz Barros

Miranda Kerr

...I died and went to heaven and died again.

Painful Reviews

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I had always enjoyed the fillers in between articles in Reader's Digest. This is one of my favorites. Taken from Reader's Digest, March 1992.

Critics's Corner

From a book review: "This is yet another fine example of what is wrong with the publishing industry: turning what would have been very good magazine articles into not very good books."
- Joe Queenan in the American Spectator

In a review of a restaurant: "It would have been faster to walk to the supermarket, buy lettucem rinse it in the bathroom sink, mash the anchovies with the dull end of a pen and grate the Parmesan against the table leg than get a Ceasar salad on a busy weekday."
- Bryan Miller in New York Times

About a TV program: "This show has an exceptionally hollow core. If this were a tree, dozens of endangered species could build lifesaving nests in its center, with room left to set up a magazine stand."
-David Hinckley in New York Times

Coup De Grace for an author: "He's written a number of children's books - but not on purpose."
-Quoted in "Kup's Column" in Chicago Sun-times


By Mr. Eleven Something.

No not mine. Its one of my relatives'. She married a German dude. It was a nice wedding. Nice to catch up with our family once in a while. The wedding was simple and sweet. And everyone got scented candles as the 'bunga telur'.

Panic At The Disco

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I hate it when I jump every time some so-called 'urgent' agenda appear suddenly. I don't want to point fingers here but my previous jobs has thought me many things. I had learned alot and gained much experience from handling 'The Anjing'. But among the many thing I had learn and gained, it had also made me panicky in tight situations. I try not be like that because I know my clients now are more understanding but bad habits are hard to break. I'm trying so hard but it takes time I guess. I must fix this flaw cause its getting very tiresome. Every time I panic at a certain job, it will make the creatives panic and when they panic, work gets stressed and quality of work degrades. Domino, domino, domino. It happened today but was quickly fixed. But thats besides the point. The point is that I should control this more or else I'm gonna get a heart attack and die!

2 Claps!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Today we had our barometer presentation on DiGi. Each quater, we do a barometer presentation to the upper management and inform them what the account have been doing in the last 4-5 months. Presentation basically includes brand health, stats, past jobs, future jobs and a competitive review. I must say the last barometer we had was a huge disaster. Loooong story!

But anyways i thought this time around it went so much more smoother. We had all our facts right, everyone knows their part and best of all we were all actually PREPARED! Kamal, my boss did the closing of the presentation by mentioning some important key leanings from us handling the account. And after the presentation was over, the upper management actually CLAPPED!!! Wow! we didn't have that last year. They only clap when it's a job well done! There was abit more discussion after that..(cant really remember regarding what) and after the management team finish on their comments on the account and presentation, they clapped again for us. Wow.. it must have been a really good Baro. Good feeling.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

It's flooding again! I knew it was coming. In my previous post I had mention that the good free times wouldn't last. And i was right! As usual with my account, when it rains, it god damn POURS! So many thing are due in such a short span of time. I honestly think we won't be able to make it for some of the items because right now the creative dept is jam packed with other jobs of the same account! Well, that's life in the advertising industry......is this why the client pay us so much? Is it worth the sacrifice the agency makes? Hmm....

New Hair!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

New shorter hair!!! Wooohoo!! Honestly the long-ish hair was beginning to get abit tiresome.

Silk Canvas: Jocelyn Wildenstein II

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Before / After ....I always enjoy fixing Jocelyn Wildenstein. I hope this time i made her look more human. She is 60 plus afterall. It's always hard to reconstruct her face because I don't have any clear picture of her before any surgery. And the fact that she had massive bad surgeries don't help either. But I always love a lil challenge.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

We had to cancel going out for a family dinner tonight. Just got back from the doctors cause my sister wasn't feeling too well. Said she feels like fainting half the time. Well the doctors say its nothing serious just exhaustion so she's getting an MC for tomorrow's flight. Here she is calling in sick. Yes I am very trigger happy with the camera this week.

Sound Trouble

By Mr. Eleven Something.

So my old speakers were beyond repair when it refused to turn on. After all its been about 7 years old. Today I went to buy a new speaker which cost me RM240! I fixed my new one and the sound was excellent! As i was packing up my old speakers, I thought to myself why not just try to ON the damn bugger. One last time for old times sake.

I have been very gentle with all my hardwares all this time. But since this is spoiled, i 'accidentally' dropped it. How careless of me. Anyways, i tried to turn it on again after that. And guess what....ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! omg! I immediately called the store to ask if i could do an exchange or refund but apparently its their damn policy that all goods sold cannot be damn returned! FINE! If i cant return it, I'll make the best out of it and use 2 speakers. Went out again and bought the audio splitter.
So now I have 2 (very good) speakers and from today, my room is officially a music powerhouse!


By Mr. Eleven Something.

Found this lying around in my hard drive. It's actually the year-end party we had for '07.

More Cheese!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Just another day at McCann Erickson, Malaysia

Say Cheese!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Happy People @ McCann Erickson (Malaysia)

Knocked Up

By Mr. Eleven Something.

It's 5 something in the morning now. I can't remember what sort of weird dream i was having but somewhere in the middle of it, it prompted me to get up real fast thus knocking my forehead at the cupboard beside my bed. And its not one of those light knock. This is major. I swear to god I saw stars right before i went back to sleep.

Apparently this is not the first time. There's this one time my cousin (who's also my roommate) saw me knocking my head on the cupboard beside my bed over and over again in one night! What the hell!! I must have really love that damn cupboard!

Looking at the mirror now I can see a small swell coming up. This is excellent!

Music Of The Night

By Mr. Eleven Something.

DJ Tiesto - Traffic
(Warning! HQ sound. 10mb. Might take awhile to fully stream)

Uploaded via aimini.net


By Mr. Eleven Something.

Afew years ago when I was starting out in the advertising industry, Bozell (my ex-agency) sent me to Shine training. It really helped me with dealing on pressure at work and I also met some really good people there. At the end of training day, we were asked what lesson we had learn from the whole course and this is basically my reply...

"Work is a big part of who I am. But it is not the ONLY part of me that makes me who I am."

I tend to take my work too seriously sometimes. And from time to time i need to remind myself to gear down abit before i get a heart attack. Sometimes I think we are all struggling to get that perfect balance. Work & Life.

Pussy Blogger

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Well I was in this meeting with my clients the other day and we were discussing a project that would involve bloggers. So the media guys were showing the slides on these bloggers. They are mostly students who are somewhat popular. And they are also very clean-cut thus why we had picked them to be involved with our project which is targeting youth. So it seem odd to me as they are showing this girl's blog and her headline to a recent entry is...

"Pussy from pussyland goes swimming!"

And from the screenshot they had, The blogger had her closeup picture smiling cheekily beside the entry ( i think it must have been her profile pic or something). But C'MONNNN!! what was i to think! Pussy from pussyland!? Well anyways, we had a good laugh over it. so its all good. clean-cut indeed!

....and i'm sure Pussy had fun getting all wet from her lil exercise!

Low Blood Pressure

By Mr. Eleven Something.

For all my panic attacks and stress at work it's actually surprising that I have low blood pressure. I think it fluctuates from normal to low but today it's at a low. I always knew the headache behind my head and occasional dizziness means something. And now I can confirm it with our brand new blood pressure machine. A new toy my family bought recently.

The headaches and dizziness gets even worst when we get sick. My sister and I...we both have this in common. Seriously, if flu comes i can't even turn my head swiftly without getting a massive headache. And if I want to see the world turn black for a split second, all i have to do it tilt my head up real quickly. Flu is always so memorable.

Music Of The Night

By Mr. Eleven Something.

DJ Tiesto ft Andain - Beautiful Things

This song was given to me by a close friend afew years ago. Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of her and how much fun we use to have. Of how close we once were. She said this song reminds her of beautiful nights in the city. I agreed. It's nostalgic listening to the song now. It's bitter sweet, just like her.

Uploaded via aimini.net


By Mr. Eleven Something.

Recently there has been abit of a slowdown in the workflow mainly because our contract is finishing and the new agency has start doing some work for the clients . Don't get me wrong, its not like I'm sitting idle and shaking my legs. What i mean is, that i can actually go back at 6.30pm daily. Usually it would be till about 8 or 9pm. On bad days it would go up to 11pm-1am. In some ways i feel guilty for going back early but i keep telling myself that if i come to work at 8am, its my right to go home on time. Ofcourse, in the advertising industry such rationale don't usually work because the workload is sometimes phenomenal and maxing out 15 hours per day is normal. But lately that is not the case. So i go home early. And i try to do normal things that normal people do.....like having a life.

I know this little breather will not last. But at least there IS a breather. Always with the silver lining...

Tech Fix: Missing Taskbar

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Because i am not patient and tend to do 10 things at a time with my computer, she occasionally trows a tantrum and something weird will happen. Lately it's been dissapearing taskbars. Usually I will logout and in again (not switch user yah!). But today i found a simpler solution! woohoo!

Press CTRL+ESC. If your taskbar magically reappears, then it's probably simply been resized too small, repositioned somewhere you didn't expect it, or perhaps it's beneath another application that's running full-screen on your computer.

If CTRL+ESC didn't make it come back, then the program that displays the task bar most likely isn't running. That program is often called the "Windows Shell", but it's really "explorer.exe". It's the program that not only displays the Taskbar, but also responds to the CTRL+ESC sequence.

The workaround: press CTRL+ALT+DEL to fire up the task manager. Now on the File menu, select New Task (Run...). Type in "explorer" and press OK. That should restart explorer and re-display your taskbar.

Thanks Leo!

(Full article @ ask-leo.com)

Music of the Day

By Mr. Eleven Something.

PeterPan - Ku Katakan Dengan Indah

The Bosses

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Our bosses in Adoi Magazine. The powerhouses behind McCann Erickson Malaysia

"McCann Worldgroup separates the chaff from the fluff and reverberates with their 106-year old motto - Truth Well Told!"
(Read More here)