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Sound Trouble

By Mr. Eleven Something.

So my old speakers were beyond repair when it refused to turn on. After all its been about 7 years old. Today I went to buy a new speaker which cost me RM240! I fixed my new one and the sound was excellent! As i was packing up my old speakers, I thought to myself why not just try to ON the damn bugger. One last time for old times sake.

I have been very gentle with all my hardwares all this time. But since this is spoiled, i 'accidentally' dropped it. How careless of me. Anyways, i tried to turn it on again after that. And guess what....ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!! omg! I immediately called the store to ask if i could do an exchange or refund but apparently its their damn policy that all goods sold cannot be damn returned! FINE! If i cant return it, I'll make the best out of it and use 2 speakers. Went out again and bought the audio splitter.
So now I have 2 (very good) speakers and from today, my room is officially a music powerhouse!

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