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Diablo 3: Character Suggestion

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Currently there are 2 confirmed character for Diablo 3. Barbarian and Witch Doctor. And 3 more will be named at a later date. Most likely it will be a spell caster, rogue and priest class. No surprise there really. Yes Blizzard, here's an evil eye to you!

For myself i'd love to see a
SHAPESHIFTER CLASS! No, not like the stupid druids or ware animal nonsense. I'm talking about pure Shapeshifting here guys. A character who can temporarily turn into a demon / monster / elemental / spirit / dragon / etc. Now that would be something really interesting and new to see. The character would have to go through a journey and do quest in order to obtain these forms. Ofcouse there are a limited number of forms he/she can shift into but the idea is there.

The Other class I would love to play just cause it looks hot & cool at the same is the
Succubus! Maybe somewhere in the storyline after D2, a succubus had fallen from hell's grace and align herself with the forces of heaven! hahaha! my imagination is going crazy now! She can be your typical sorceress with hell powers for all I care but the thought of playing a Succubus is INCREDIBLY SEXY!

Michael Turner Passes Away at 37

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I just found this out today. This is very sad news indeed. Michael is my favorite comic book artist since I first saw his masterpieces when I was 15. That was over ten years ago and his art has always been an inspiration to me. My heart and condolences goes out to his family and loved ones. Here's to a great artist now in loving memory.

"We here at Comic Book Resources are very sad to report that artist Michael Turner has died after a long battle with cancer. He was 37. Aspen Comics’ Vince Hernandez told CBR News Saturday morning that Turner passed away Friday night at 10:42 Pacific Time at Santa Monica Hospital in Calfiornia. The news spread quickly at Wizard World Chicago, during what would have otherwise been a riotous night at the hotel bar, the mood suddenly turned somber with remembrances of Turner from friends and acquaintances. A minute of silence will be observed during Wizard World Chicago Saturday afternoon."

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By Mr. Eleven Something.

DIABLO 3 is official. I've died and gone to heaven!


Two decades have passed since the demonic denizens, Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal, wandered the world of Sanctuary in a vicious rampage to shackle humanity into unholy slavery. Yet for those who battled the Prime Evils directly, the memory fades slowly and the wounds of the soul still burn.

When Deckard Cain returns to the ruins of Tristram's Cathedral seeking clues to new stirrings of evil, a comet from the heavens strikes the very ground where Diablo once entered the world. The comet carries a dark omen in its fiery being and it calls the heroes of Sanctuary to defend the mortal world against the rising powers of the Burning Hells – and even the failing luminaries of the High Heavens itself.

For The Love Of Petrol Card

By Mr. Eleven Something.

With all the crazy petrol increase I feel lucky that our company gave us a petrol card right from the very beginning. With all the hike in prices, it would definitely blow a hole in my monthly gaji if it weren't for the card. Cheers!

Pussycat Dolls - When I grow up

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Slutty as usual but the song and video is kinda catchy. Nice one.

Shallow Waters Run Loudly

By Mr. Eleven Something.

OK. I have to admit that I haven't been reading the newspaper in a long while since I get all my news online anyways. But the other day I was reading The Star newspaper - Star Two pullout specifically; And I was quite surprise by the amount of beauty ads and articles in that pullout. I mean, there's other stuff on charity work and gadgets but you cant help notice the amount of these beauty stuff like slimming, fat buster creams, vitamins for the skin, wrinkle treatment, etc. I guess what the editors choose to put into the papers is a reflection of the type of society we live in today. So I must say this...SEE! I'm not the only shallow/superficial person in Malaysia! I feel better now.

American Boy - Sam Sparro

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Haha! I'm liking this version alot. The original ain't bad but this sounds good too.

The Original:

Kung-Fu Panda Review

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Just finished watching Kung-Fu Panda and overall I give it a 6/10. Don't get me wrong but this movie is meant for kids mainly. If you are looking for something abit deep then this movie is not for you. I went with a couple of friends so we laughed alot and it was entertaining. Dont go there for the storyline or deep meaning. Go for the silly jokes and laughs. :-)