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Michael Turner Passes Away at 37

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I just found this out today. This is very sad news indeed. Michael is my favorite comic book artist since I first saw his masterpieces when I was 15. That was over ten years ago and his art has always been an inspiration to me. My heart and condolences goes out to his family and loved ones. Here's to a great artist now in loving memory.

"We here at Comic Book Resources are very sad to report that artist Michael Turner has died after a long battle with cancer. He was 37. Aspen Comics’ Vince Hernandez told CBR News Saturday morning that Turner passed away Friday night at 10:42 Pacific Time at Santa Monica Hospital in Calfiornia. The news spread quickly at Wizard World Chicago, during what would have otherwise been a riotous night at the hotel bar, the mood suddenly turned somber with remembrances of Turner from friends and acquaintances. A minute of silence will be observed during Wizard World Chicago Saturday afternoon."

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