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Diablo 3: Character Suggestion

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Currently there are 2 confirmed character for Diablo 3. Barbarian and Witch Doctor. And 3 more will be named at a later date. Most likely it will be a spell caster, rogue and priest class. No surprise there really. Yes Blizzard, here's an evil eye to you!

For myself i'd love to see a
SHAPESHIFTER CLASS! No, not like the stupid druids or ware animal nonsense. I'm talking about pure Shapeshifting here guys. A character who can temporarily turn into a demon / monster / elemental / spirit / dragon / etc. Now that would be something really interesting and new to see. The character would have to go through a journey and do quest in order to obtain these forms. Ofcouse there are a limited number of forms he/she can shift into but the idea is there.

The Other class I would love to play just cause it looks hot & cool at the same is the
Succubus! Maybe somewhere in the storyline after D2, a succubus had fallen from hell's grace and align herself with the forces of heaven! hahaha! my imagination is going crazy now! She can be your typical sorceress with hell powers for all I care but the thought of playing a Succubus is INCREDIBLY SEXY!


as i said.. u have a female inside of u just screaming and waiting to be let out bwhahahahh :P evil eye

Hey i happend to think the succubus is damn sexy wei! Especially the ones in Diablo 1 & 2. No wonder Diablo dowan to come out of hell. Evil eye back at yah! :P

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