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Negarakuku: Modern thinking or just disrespecful?

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Namewee - Negarakuku

Well, the other day one of the headlines in the press count my eye. It’s regarding this boy (Malaysian but currently studying in Taiwan) who is singing the ‘chinese-rap’ version of Negaraku. Which he is calling Negarakuku and touches some sensitive issue in Malaysia & also implying something negative regarding Islam. Note: I said implying! He didn’t say it out aloud but you know…complain..sindir..sindir. Same thing lah. People are not dumb la, little boy.

Basically, the government found out and are demanding a public apology, etc. To me, talking shit about your own country and dissing other races is all fine and good when you are among friends (which I know we all do! C'mon be honest here.) but publicly airing it out for the whole world to see is abit rude lah. And disrespectful regardless of any of his intentions be it good or bad.

Yes I know it’s ONLY his own opinion. And yes I know he is ‘frustrated’ but every country has its own sets of faults. And this is ours to deal with. No need lah to air all your dirty laundry. I dunno, I just don’t think its…proper. It’s not like you are providing a solution but instead making it worst. Ever heard of ‘Constructive Criticism’ little boy?

I DON’T NEED ANOTHER MAY 13, 1969 on my hands yah! Decapitated hands and heads all over the roadside and all. I am quite happy running amok with my weekly content ads thank you very much!

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I found the translation here...

He's kind of creative, if you can look past the blatant bashing.

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