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Morning Gym?

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Today i woke up at 5.30am, got myself ready and drove off to KL....(No, i'm not crazy.Really.)

No, not for work but to workout. It's been many years since i actually woke up very early to go to gym. Trying out something new here. I parked my car at the office parking because its safer and FREE. Then i walked to the nearest monorail (3 mins away) and waited for the train to arrive. By 7am i was at the gym happily working out. I hope I can keep this up la. Targeting 3 times a week to hit the gym. Once on weekday and twice on weekend.

Hari Raya is about 3 months away. I've been letting myself go for abit now so I hope to get back in shape by RAYA!

*Remind self to cut down on Mc Junk Food!!!!

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