Daily Contradictions

By. Eleven Something

Life in the Advertising Industry.

The Evil One

By Mr. Eleven Something.

In advertising there are good clients and there are bad ones. Good ones are professional, efficient and organized. While the bad ones can be the complete opposite. A small tale of caution that need to be told here…

Okay. There’s this huge telco company in Malaysia who is notorious for being the WORST clients ever. Lets call this telco company Blood.

Blood is well-known to be very cruel to their advertising agency in terms of unfair demands and rudeness. Fine, all telcos have insane amount of workload but they could have told the Agency abit earlier in advance for them to make proper preparations. In, most cases its brief and deadline is also on same day. Or Briefed on Monday evening but they need the crap by Tuesday MORNING. Fantastic.

Blood is also very well known for their RUDENESS. Most of the time, insane workload is very normal. It’s even expected out of huge accounts. Insane workload is usually caused by short deadlines or bad timing. But RUDENESS is caused by IMPROPER UPBRINGING. Throwing tantrums & regularly loosing your temper and not to mention throwing physical objects clearly means they have lousy parents who neglect this small part in their upbringing. Below is an example of a regular scripted conversation.

“Material dateline is tomorrow. I don’t know how you are going to do this... but you will have to cough something out by tomorrow for approval and to proceed. We have briefed you on this many time before this (Lie) and yet you are still not able to meet our standards... anyways... i am going home as it is 5.30 and i presume you will have to work something out by tomorrow morning. Bye”

No, Blood is not a client of mine (thank god). They are clients of my friends.


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