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Torrent & Streamyx

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Recently the connection has been very good to me. I’m downloading at 95kbps for popular torrents and less popular ones at 20-30kbps. And I found some of these things very useful to keep in mind.

Streamyx tips for torrents

  • Use Bitcomet to download torrents
  • Raise your TCP/IP limitation thingie from 10 to about 50-100 ( I set it at 50 for now)
    Streamyx IP that starts with 218 is better at downloading torrents than 219
  • Seed where possible. It may just speed you up by raising your ratio. Higher ration may sometime mean better preferences in download.
  • If you have extra money try your-freedom.net. It’s a good way to use money to bypass streamyx’s traffic shaping.
  • Whenever you have slow connection……COMPLAIN to 1300-88-9515. yay!!

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