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The Killer Next Door by Joel Norris

By Mr. Eleven Something.

A Disturbing Book

A friend of mine borrowed me this book called The Killer Next Door by Joel Norris. It delves into some of the most notorious murder cases and talk about the killers behind it. The author had examined the cases through the perspective of the killer. What goes though his head as he kills the victim; The motive of his killings; Why he started killing; etc. It touches issues on Cannibalism, Rape, Mass Killing, Kidnapping and Torture.

While reading this book it got me thinking….why didn’t these crazy men get to Zakiah!!! Lol. See! That’s why this book is so DISTURBING. All this bad things happened to the WRONG people. Sheesh!


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Title sound so familiar..
*ehem ehem*

The book creepy kan?? *shivers*

HAPPY Birthday u ol fart!


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