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The Golden Child

By Mr. Eleven Something.

A few weeks back i was talking to my former colleague regarding my new job. I told him that everything is going great so far and I'm doing fine now. I'm handling a telco account right now and they are alot more busier than my former account. Bud they pay the agency VERY well too! (unlike some cheap shit former client. Harapkan nama je glamer!).

The funny thing about big account is that when it's busy, its REALLYY BUSY (which happend most of the time). All the Studio people will be working solely on our stuff and half of the creatives are developing something new for us. And the other people handling other accounts will start complaining that we are conquering everything. As i relate this to my former colleague, he passed a comment saying that our acct seem to be the golden child of the agency. Which I thought was pretty damn cool! Most of our jobs are urgent stuff so our work will automatically overwrite other smaller jobs. I dunno, i just find this evilly fun in a twisted way.

On the side, i have to say having the nicest damn clients really help to put the heart attacks at bay when the workload gets heavy and rushes are high. So yea, this is cool for now.

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