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Cleverly Stupid Ads

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I don't have any example right now but I've noticed some ads in Malaysia are trying to be clever or appear witty. Maybe its because I'm in this industry and I tend to pick on the littlest thing but I really don't like it when the ad feels forced or when there are too many layers in the joke. An ad is suppose to SELLLLLLL the product. It's great if creativity can flow within the delivery but it should not be forced.

I'd rather listen to those hard-sell Kamdar / Beras Jati ads rather than so-called clever witty award winning ads. No doubt some of them are good but not those who are trying too hard or have too many layers in the delivery. Like my clients always say.."dumb dumb it abit" or simply put it, KEEP IT SIMPLE!

I'll try to find some sample one of these days and post em here.

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