Daily Contradictions

By. Eleven Something

Life in the Advertising Industry.

Fragile Balance

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Things are going OKAY for now at work. Compared to handling telco previously, this is a nice change. Not because I have more time on my hands but for the fact that each job actually require us to take a step back and THINK! Our current clients are very particular about the strategic direction, planning and the big idea before any actual work can be done. If they think the strategy is shaky, then we'll have to rethink it until we get it right. Which I think is good cause I get to learn and develop more critical and analytical thinking. We still get rush job every now and then but not on a weekly basis like before. phewh!

Having said that, I think its a fragile balance right now cause of the 'other' acct which I'm suppose to be helping out temporarily is getting more and more.....Hectic. I haven't been doing any actual execution work but I have been attending some of their meetings. YA ALLAH!!!! One meeting can go on for 5 HOURS! And they will keep changing and changing everything on the visual or/and script. I cant blame them also cause the clients side have many levels of approvals and on top of that, they are not familiar with the whole advertising process. So, I have a very bad feeling that I'm gonna get raped by this acct very soon.

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