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By. Eleven Something

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No Focus

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I was in the gym this morning doing shoulder press-ups with dumbbells. Maybe its because I was tired from doing many reps so i lost focus.....Halfway through one of the rep, down comes tumbling the left dumbell while it was in the up position. I must have lost balance. SHIT! It was so painful! Felt like someone had twisted my arm 360 degrees. Gila lah. I dont think there's any permanant damage but my left shoulder is abit sore now. If anything pun, I think its just a minor sprain. Thank God.


What were you doing lifting American blondes??

ola ari! hope u dont mind but i linked ur blog to mine. if u DO mind, lemme know aite? keep on workin those abs! hehee..

much love.

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