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By Mr. Eleven Something.

I don't know if it's an Asian thing or what but so far I've not heard of mat salleh going on pantang - HMM! Maybe they call it "Diets". Anyhoos...from what I know, the Chinese and Malays tend to have mantang makan. Cannot eat cabbage cause its considered cold food la, Tak boleh makan Manggo nanti lutut sakit la, Tak boleh makan banyak terung nanti perut kembong la....haihh. HONESTLY, I think if everyone watch what they eat and exercise regularly, most of the sakit lutut, perut kembong, pening kepala nonsense won't happend in the first place.

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There's some truth to it la. Take a sort of fact and embellish with a long stupid story and there you go, PANTANG.

I believe there are "hot" and "cold" foods. Chinese people aren't the only ones, you know...

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