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Personal Selection : Vittorio the Vampire (Novel)

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I bought Vittorio the Vampire today. It's been awhile since I read my last book; Afew months give or take. I bought this out of impulse cause it was so cheap at Borders - RM13.50! It's written by Anne Rice and I've read afew of her books before. I sometimes think her books are abit too heavy to digest cause it has all sorts of scandals going on in one book - magic, incest, murder, sex, rape, war, family feud, etc. I never read a book halfway through so I would make myself finish the novel and later seek for psychological therapy. I hope this book won't be too crazy but if it does happend I'm all up for it this time around.

Basically what prompted me to buy this book was also the storytelling tone of the intro chapter and the wittiness behind each paragraphs. Of course if you read Anne Rice before, you will already know that she paints her character in the most beautiful of scenes with rich background weave together with epic history.

I'm by no means a goth or a fanatic for vampire culture but they always hold a certain intrigue to me. Here is a small paragraph that I like from the book

"That's the case with most vampires, no matter who says otherwise. Beauty carries us to our doom. Or to put it more accurately, we are made immortal by those who cannot sever themselves from our charms"

Beautiful deadly creatures! FASCINATING!

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