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Vittorio The Vampire

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I'm at that part where Angelina Jolie practically rapes Ben Barnes and turns him into a vampire...

Haha! Taking a step back, I always try to put a face behind the characters in the book I'm reading. So I decided to make a casting call and chose my leading man and lady! For Vittorio it's Ben Barnes and Ursula is Angelia Jolie (Duh! No surprise here). For Vittorio, I was actually contemplating between Gaspard Ulliel and Ben Bares but Gaspard looks too conniving while Ben still has that look of innocence which is important to Vittorio. For Ursula, I had picked Angelina Jolie! no suprise here cause the character looks like it was tailored for her. Seductive, dangerous, vulnerable -soft yet hard...Mmmm. In my mind, she's like a beautiful rare deadly snake.
(No really! I'm not crazy.)

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