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Warhammer Online: Open Beta (short) Review

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I'm hoping to keep this short yah! I will be getting my Warhammer Online Collectors Edition on Sept 18th! (YAY!) but I've been playing Open Beta since a week ago. All I can say is the game feels great and that i cant wait to play the real thing. It took me awhile to get used to the world and settings but after that it was all good. The only complain i would put here is that the ASIAN servers are surprisingly laggy as compared to the US server. I'm in Asia BTW so thats why I think it's weird.

As for characters, I think they are pretty well balanced.I'm going to be playing the Witch Elf and Marauder when the game officially opens. Graphics could use abit of improvement though. I have to compare it with Guild Wars as I think their graphics are amazing. But don't get me wrong,WAR's current graphic is hot too.

Overall I love love love this game and I hope WAR would be a BIG SUCCESS for the developers as I know they had put in ALOT into this game.


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