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Lag is Killing Warhammer Online Players

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Warhammer Online is built upon the foundation of Realm vs Realm (RVR) which basically means massive PvP. Having said that, any form of lag is a big NONO. And Warhammer Online has plenty of em' to go around twice around the globe. Sometimes the lag ease up (say 3am in the morning) but most times, its crippling the world of Warhammer Online. Lag is okay if your game is like WoW (World of Warcraft) which is more skewed on PvE (Player vs. Enviroment). But for a game like Warhammer Online, it can eventually break the game.

Coming first hand from a WAR player myself, I have to say that there's a fine line between challenging gameplay and pure frustration gameplay. One makes the player work harder to excel in the game, and the other just breaks them.

People of Mythic and Warhammer Online, please FIX THIS PROBLEM! WARHAMMER ONLINE IS LAGGING LIKE HELL!