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Beautiful Disaster

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Wow! For a huge disaster, this is beautifully illustrated! Now this is what you call an eye for beauty. Even the ugliest of situations can be breathtaking. Relating myself back to an older post, i have to say this... Now if THIS is the kind of work anyone produce, i guess being a Diva while they work is OK.

As part of London Festival of Architecture 2008, award-winning media production studio Squint/Opera envisions London life in 2090, long after sea levels have risen from global warming. Imitating some of the techniques of the super-idealistic Victorian landscape painters, Squint/Opera have used a combination of photography, 3d modeling and digital manipulation to present five unique visions of a tranquil utopia in a familiar, yet drastically altered, landscape

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I looove the second picture. It feels fantasy like! Squint Opera is soooo impressive, especially their Abu Dhabi video!

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