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Review: Dining @ Banquet, Bangsar Village II

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Upfront, here’s the breakdown.

Food: 7.5 / 10
Ambiance: 8 / 10
Service: 6.5 / 10

OVERALL: 6.5 / 10

We went for dinner at the banquet on Friday, 4th July 2008 for my birthday. The last time I went there was with a friend and it was only to try their chocolate cake dessert. So I guess this would be a good time to have a full course meal and celebrate together with my immediate family.


Ok. I must say first and foremost that the food here is good. Not great but well enough to be good. The portion was also alright. However the WAITING we had to do for the food to arrive is absolutely ridiculous. It is just not worth the food at all. We had to wait about 40 minutes for the main course to arrive. And after waiting more than 45 minutes for a simple crepes to arrive, we were forced to cancel it because it was absolute rubbish to wait that long for a simple crepes (which we had ordered and asked to be served together with the main course instead of dessert). However, the manager was nice enough to give us complementary a cake of our choice in substitute for the crepes. Fair is fair.

The delays; it made no sense at all because it was a Friday night and the place wasn’t packed. I mean it wasn’t completely empty either, but judging it was a Friday night and first week of the month I’m sure they would foresee that people would come out for dining since they just got their pay.


Beautiful. Simple yet tastefully done.


The waiters were very attentive and diligent in checking up for our food. It is not their fault at all that the food arrived late; but service is not just the waiters, but also to what goes on behind closed doors (The kitchen). I honestly do not know what they are doing in there, but the delays are unacceptable whatever the reason may be.


Would I come here again sometime soon? NO. Not soon but maybe sometime in the future I would give it a second go. In all fairness they DO have good food and possibly the ridiculous waiting for food is just a one off thing. Here’s hoping that this is a case of right place, wrong time.

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yeap, we ate there haritu. not that bad really. waiting time tak lama sangat .. or maybe because there were so many of us there chattering, tak sedar berapa lama makanan nak sampai.. heheh..


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