Daily Contradictions

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Life in the Advertising Industry.

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Smile. It's only bleeding on the inside.

Proud to be Malaysian

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Flavor of Love - Bitch Fight!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Bitch Fight!

Now all they need is abit of mud then everyone can take their clothes off.

Reminder to self

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Just the other day I was reading a friends blog. It reminded me about this particular video taken during war somewhere in Africa.
When I has having a bad day in the office (due to some barren anjing), I will always think about the video to remind myself that whatever shit I went through is just microscopic germ compared to what these people go through.

Since I cannot find the video on youtube, I will explain it. Basically it shows a kid (about 6 y/o?) crying at the side of the street. I guess he was scared because war was going on around him and it was quite chaotic. So then, this army truck passed by and all the kids started running except for this little boy. He was so scared and kept on crying. One of the army guys got off the truck and started beating the shit out of the little boy. I felt so sick watching this. It’s not enough they beat the crap out of him, they threw him on the truck, strip him naked and kept on beating him. They twisted his arms until it broke. The boy was really scared now and wanted to run away but they step on him and kicked him even more. From here, the video cuts and the next thing u know the boy is on the road,arms twisted and the army tuck driving away. Bastards.

So yea, whatever shit I’m going through everyday will never compare to what the boy just went through in 1 day. I hope that boy is okay and safe.

I'm a Simpsons!

By Mr. Eleven Something.

This is me! Simpsonized that is. I think it does not resemble me at all but anyone can try it out at simpsonizeme.com

Meet Alessandra

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Alessandra, GuildWars - Nightfall

I'd like to introduce my main character, Alessandra. I created her before Alexander. She's a powerful derv who can tank decently. I call her my mini-tanker. Yes, i have a thing with blondes. So what. She's HOT!

Weird Dream

By Mr. Eleven Something.

I had a weird dream yesterday night. It's abit stupid i must say. I dreamt of a plane crash and the weirdest thing is the people who got killed in the accident. It was Siti Nurhaliza, Britney Spears, some random football players and other civilians.

Apparently, something happened to their plane and it caught on fire in mid air. In the dream I was on a night flight back to KL when I saw this thing happened before my very eyes. Everyone was so shocked. It looked so real. At that time we didn't know who was killed but later on, their names were published on some website and it was a BIG News all over the world. I guess mainly cause Britney got killed.

The dream was so vivid. I can still remember waking up and feeling so shocked. In my grogginess I still thought it was real. Gila lah!

Our Character in GuildWars

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Alexander & Sati, GuildWars -Nightfall

This is my character Alexander and Li San's character Sati in Nightfall. Yes I'm still an addict. Whats new. I think we look FANTASTIC!

Negarakuku: Modern thinking or just disrespecful?

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Namewee - Negarakuku

Well, the other day one of the headlines in the press count my eye. It’s regarding this boy (Malaysian but currently studying in Taiwan) who is singing the ‘chinese-rap’ version of Negaraku. Which he is calling Negarakuku and touches some sensitive issue in Malaysia & also implying something negative regarding Islam. Note: I said implying! He didn’t say it out aloud but you know…complain..sindir..sindir. Same thing lah. People are not dumb la, little boy.

Basically, the government found out and are demanding a public apology, etc. To me, talking shit about your own country and dissing other races is all fine and good when you are among friends (which I know we all do! C'mon be honest here.) but publicly airing it out for the whole world to see is abit rude lah. And disrespectful regardless of any of his intentions be it good or bad.

Yes I know it’s ONLY his own opinion. And yes I know he is ‘frustrated’ but every country has its own sets of faults. And this is ours to deal with. No need lah to air all your dirty laundry. I dunno, I just don’t think its…proper. It’s not like you are providing a solution but instead making it worst. Ever heard of ‘Constructive Criticism’ little boy?

I DON’T NEED ANOTHER MAY 13, 1969 on my hands yah! Decapitated hands and heads all over the roadside and all. I am quite happy running amok with my weekly content ads thank you very much!

Broken Trust

By Mr. Eleven Something.

You know that song sung by Elton John called Sacrifice. Well, I never though much about the song until recently when I found out the real meaning behind the writer & song. I guess now it holds a more personal meaning to me than it did before…

The song "Sacrifice" is about a marriage relationship destroyed through infidelity. The first verse describes the trouble: ." When the relationship is difficult, it is easy for a married man to be tempted- "Its a human sign, when things go wrong- the scent of her lingers,temptation's strong." Each married man may be faced with marrige problems ("negativity lands") leading to the call of "sweet deceit," seeking illicit love outside the marriage.

"Cold heart, hard done (hardened) by you." The relationship chills, hardens, more distance, and then a fleeting opportunity for a fling looks better than the painful relationship he's committed to ("some things look better just passing through").

The infidelity rips the relationship apart:"After the fact": "mutual misunderstanding," "sensitivity builds a prison," "we lose direction," "no stone unturned" (with all trust lost, everything is accused and judged)... "jealousy burns."

I tend to think that the repeated "Its no sacrifice" represents the writer trying to convince himself that not that much has been lost, for after all, the two hearts were already living in two separate worlds.

Diablo 3 Announcement?

By Mr. Eleven Something.

This weekend Blizzard is going to announce another new game in development at their convention! Please please please let it be Diablo 3 and NOT another wow expansion or something like that.

One thing I know for sure is that the Diablo franchise has very loyal fans. I myself have been playing the game since I was in Form 3. Nearly 10 years ago. O’ god I feel old.


By Mr. Eleven Something.

This has got to be one of the best Thriller remake EVER!

The 11th Hour

By Mr. Eleven Something.

As usual, when its the day to process materials, that's when the urgent MAJOR changes comes in. However this time it's not the clients fault but a 3rd party nonsense.

You see, each week we feature different contents for download (wallpapers, screensaver, ringtones..etc) on our ad. One week it could be Transformers and maybe the next week it could be Dangdut. So happend this week we are featuring a blockbuster movie. And before anything goes out they would need to see it first. But let me make this clear that first and foremost this ad belongs to our client(telco company) so we had always allocated 60% of the visual to our download contents and 40% to visual keyart of the featured content.

Right now the problem is that the damn movie people want more than their share of 40% visual. Not only that, they are dictating how OUR ad should be! They even asked us to remove our aquisition message!! Gila lah! who the hell they think they are. They are not forking out a single cent on the media buy or creatives and they want to dictate what we can and cannot put on OUR ad.

I'm sick, i'm angry and pissed off with this crap. I just hope our clients won't tolerate this nonsense from them. This ad does not belong to the movie people. It is ultimately our ad featuring their damn movie. If anything they should be paying our clients since we are further promoting their movie.

This is my sin…

By Mr. Eleven Something.

If I were to pick a sin that would reflect me, it would be ENVY. When I was little I would get very envious when my cousin gets a new toy or has more friends. Though I’m not little anymore, I still get very envious over the stupidest thing. For example when my friends has nicer cars than me or how some people just look ridiculously good effortlessly, etc.

Well I guess it’s not all bad cause when I get green eyed, I will work harder to be better. So yea…Envy is my sin and I’ve come to deal with it.

**Coincidentally green is my favorite color and its also the color that represents Envy.

Video of the Week

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Casual & calming...

Got Sick

By Mr. Eleven Something.

A couple of days ago i went to the clinic to get my ears check. At the clinic there was this woman who was very sick. She looks horrible cause i think she got fever and she definately got flu and also cough. I even heard her saying " I think it got worst already.."

Well I though nothing of it until a couple of days later I got minor fever, flu and cough. ARRGHH! She passed the damn virus to me! Stupid Woman! It's very annoying yah.