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By. Eleven Something

Life in the Advertising Industry.

2 Days

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Could it be true? 2 more days and its over. No more doing a telco account....Wow. Will I miss it? ofcouse I will. But will I do it again? maybe...FOR HIGHER PAY!

On a serious note, If you are in the advertising industry in Malaysia, you would know that any telco account is a craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy account. But after having dealt with them, I still say they are OK LA! There are only 3 major telco in Malaysia and I was lucky enough to work with the best among the 3. If I had worked with Maxis or Hotlink, I'd be hanging myself by now. hehe.

Ps: The Anjing is still my worst client. Can you imagine, not even telco clients can beat The Anjing! shame shame.

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