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Agency Farewell Party

By Mr. Eleven Something.

So the thing is, our client wont be with us any longer and we will fully part ways in a week or so. The clients were nice enough to throw us a mini farewell party and typical for agency, we were 2 hours late for our own party....aiyooo!! BUT we do have a good reason!! We were actually rushing out some excellent FAs for them.

So anyways... the party had good food and great company. I enjoyed myself. Halfway towards the party, I notice one by one people started being pulled into a private room where the party was in full swing with beer and cigarettes. Laughter, scream and even more laughter we heard all the way out. Finally, I was pulled into the room by my client. She says that i need to do a lil "TEST" and that I need to check an FA with one client on my right and the McCann planner on my left....

Gary: Ok Ari! There is a mistake in the FA in front of you. And you have 20 seconds to spot it

Person : Yeah, this is to test how well Kamal has trained you as an AE

Ari: Okayyy.... is it a CI mistake? copy error? visual error??...anything?

Kamal: Nono...you have to look out for it. We can't say.

Gary: Ready? Timer Set?.....GO!

Ari: (looking...loooking HARD...LOOOOKING HARDERRR)....Where? I cant find lah..... where laaaaa

Gary: Found it? Found it? 5...4...3....2...

(SMACKKKK!!!!!!!)catch the slide below to see what happened. It was all a set-up from the start!! Well, the good thing is that I'm not the only victim


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