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Review: The Other Boleyn Girl

By Mr. Eleven Something.

Overall: 7 over 10

First and foremost I think this is one of the better movies out there right now. And like all better movies, it won’t do too well in the box office (cause people like dumb movies). Anyhooos….the storyline is good but one must already have a rough idea of the England’s history or at least regarding King Henry VIII and his wives to fully grasp the plot.

Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman & Eric Bana really deliver well in their respective roles. I know some people may have doubts on Scarlet but I feel she did very well in this movie. Natalie Portman is excellent as usual and so is Eric Bana. Maybe the plot could have a bit more oomph but its always risky cause it might make the movie too complex.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching the movie but then again I’m a sucker for England history movies. Especially when it relates to Queen Elizabeth I.

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